Unless you’re like other Americans, you may live in constant terror of what might happen if you tried the “crime” of forcefully removing your… mattress tag. That is correct, one which warns menacingly, “Under penalty of law, this tag shall not be removed!” It’s one of a slew of weird things not permitted in the USA and mattress usa.

Have you ever wondered why the label reads “Do Not Remove Unless Defined by Law”? Chris, our help professional, has written a particular guest article.

My earliest recollection of the iconic best mattress tags—or “law tags”—dates back to the early 1990s, when I was a tiny child. I had a strong impulse one day to rip the tag off my mattress. As a result, I took it off. Unfortunately, kids have a minimal capacity for self-control. I recall hearing a gasp from my grandmother and uncle from across the room. “Oh no,” they replied, “you are far too young to spend the remainder of your life imprisonment.”

You Have a Right to Know What’s In Your Mattress

Before establishing comprehensive consumer protections in the United States, many unscrupulous merchants exploited their customers in several ways. For example, mattress manufacturers frequently used old, abandoned materials in their “new” products. Some were packing their mattresses with anything from old rags and corn husks to food scraps and horsehair and sewing them together. These dubious business practices wreaked havoc on consumers. As a result, bugs, vermin, and infections were among the most vexing issues humans encountered.

Our government combated these unsafe and unpleasant business tactics in part by requiring manufacturers to include a tag disclosing the materials used in their mattresses. Furthermore, the label has to include all materials, whether new or old. So naturally, this level of information meant that particular mattresses would not sell owing to their dubious manufacturing. So what do you do if you’re a morally ambiguous salesperson with an inventory of unsold beds loaded with filthy old rags? You rip the tags off the mattresses so that your customers have no idea what’s inside. Additionally, “All sales are final.

Introduction of the Horrifyingly Dangerous Message:

Inevitably, the US government saw straight through manufacturers’ and merchants’ anti-consumer strategies for selling their products. The government made it illegal to remove mattress tags and penalized anyone who sold or distributed mattresses without the tags. It was an enormously positive step for both the American public and ethical mattress manufacturers.

Nonetheless, the language on the law tag was confusing back in the day — and in a comical way. I’m sure I’m not the only child growing up in the late 1980s and early 1990s whose family pranked following removing a law tag. It is a recurring joke that can be seen in various popular types of media from that era. To the dismay of jokester fathers throughout the country, the government has subsequently amended the language on law tags to state that they are illegal to remove “until removed by the customer.”

This generation will never understand what it’s like to face severe jail time for ripping off a mattress or pillow tag, which is probably for the best.